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Call tracking and Call monitoring services

Evaluate your rental agents and your superintendent for better renting

How do telemetry phones work?

Put a telemetry phone number on each of your ads.

Record each call (date, time, duration and audio) to see how well your ads are performing.

Record and listen to conversations to see how effective your agents and superintendants are.

Identify the ads that are more efficient to rent
You can place a telemetry phone on multiple telemetry media

  • Website
  • Web Advertising
  • Business card of your rental agents
  • Corporate car
  • Classified ads
  • Posters and placards
  • Brochures


Benefits of recording calls
Rent your apartments / condos faster

Know the advertising strategies that generate the most calls.

Evaluate the effectiveness of your agents and superintendant on the phone.

Avoid missed calls, unanswered calls or disclosure of wrong information.

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