Virtual tour of your apartment for rent. Tenants from everywhere in your building!

A new way to find tenants. Rent your apartment with virtual tours.

Virtual tours simulate reality. When your potential tenants take a virtual tour, they enter and move through each room as if they really were there. Moreover, these visits are getting great Google referencing.

Virtual tours behave like video games: you can move everywhere - left, right - very quickly, which simplifies the experience of visiting an apartment.

Virtual tours can be integrated to your website, but also in advertisements of classifieds websites. The tenant can view your photos and videos, but can also step through the front door to see the ground, go around and look out the windows to view the surroundings. Therefore, the tenant almost knows the apartment before making a call.

Whether you're a landlord or a manager, it's good to know that immersive visits keep your company up-to-date and impress visitors. Better yet! They let you talk with the people visiting your apartments, as if you were there. Tenants going around virtually will appear as an avatar. You can establish a conversation with them in real time via Internet to present them the apartment and invite them to a real on-site visit.

Did you know?

The tenant may be a block away, but he could just as well be in Australia. The virtual tours open new rental opportunities in your neighbourhood, in your city but also around the world.

Equip yourself with the AVU3D Analytic tool and see people who visit your apartments online. Talk with them and maximize your chances of success.

Example of virtual tours. Starting at 199,99 $

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