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Services to Landlords

AppartMap 360 Package

Bronze Silver Gold Monthly payment Installation costs
Registration to the list of managers 10$
Microsite specialized in real estate 50$ 250$
Google Adwords SEO 125$ 250$
Google advertising budget your budget
Inbound marketing 300$ 1 article per 2 months
Bank of pre-fabricated Facebook posts 90$ 52 per year
Management of Facebook publications 90$ 150$
Facebook ads your budget
Multi-platform advertising (among: Kijiji, PAC, Louer.com, LogisQuebec) Reduced price Reduced price Reduced price 400$ per address
Synchronize your apartment listings with AppartMap (feed) 25$
Subscribe to the demands of tenants (hunters) 150$
Advertising on the AppartMap portal – vedette 1 vedette per month 2 vedette per month 4 vedette per month 50$
Advertisement on the AppartMap portal – 1x reassembled on all your ads 1x per month 1x per month 1x per month 50$
Interactive calendar of visits (1) 30$ 250$
Analysis of tenant profiles 60$
Tenant Satisfaction Survey (1x per year)* 500$
Business Card Templates and Brochures (Branding)* NA
Tenant’s Guide (personalized to your image)* NA
AppartMap TV (1)* 40$ 500$
Promotional items* NA
Quiz and contest with draw* NA
Monthly payment (12 months contract) 99$ 249$ 449$ 1060$
Departure Fee (installation of services – all) 150$ 500$ 750$

IMPORTANT : Excludes printing costs or fees related to the purchase of advertising in external media. Monthly payment with 12 month contract.

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