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To our valued community members,

Il est toujours préférable de privilégier les visites virtuelles afin de visiter un logement. Si toutefois la visite d’un logement doit avoir lieu, le locateur et l’aspirant locataire devraient s’assurer de respecter les mesures sanitaires recommandées. Notamment, ceux-ci devraient conserver une distance minimale de deux mètres entre eux et se laver les mains avant d’entrer dans le logement ainsi qu’à la sortie de celui-ci. Tous devraient éviter de toucher des objets ou meubles dans le logement. Le cas échéant, un seul aspirant locataire ne devrait être présent lors de la visite du logement et la durée de celle-ci devrait être restreinte. Le locateur devrait également s’assurer de désinfecter toutes les poignées de porte touchées lors de la visite.

We want to assure you that we continue to do our best to provide you with excellent service to help you through this trying time.

Thank you for trusting us and stay safe!

Appartmap Team


Services to Landlords


AppartMap 360 Package

Bronze Silver Gold Monthly payment Installation costs
Registration to the list of managers 10$
Microsite specialized in real estate 50$ 250$
Google Adwords SEO 125$ 250$
Google advertising budget your budget
Inbound marketing 300$ 1 article per 2 months
Bank of pre-fabricated Facebook posts 90$ 52 per year
Management of Facebook publications 90$ 150$
Facebook ads your budget
Multi-platform advertising (among: Kijiji, PAC,, LogisQuebec) Reduced price Reduced price Reduced price 400$ per address
Synchronize your apartment listings with AppartMap (feed) 25$
Subscribe to the demands of tenants (hunters) 150$
Advertising on the AppartMap portal – vedette 1 vedette per month 2 vedette per month 4 vedette per month 50$
Advertisement on the AppartMap portal – 1x reassembled on all your ads 1x per month 1x per month 1x per month 50$
Interactive calendar of visits (1) 30$ 250$
Analysis of tenant profiles 60$
Tenant Satisfaction Survey (1x per year)* 500$
Business Card Templates and Brochures (Branding)* NA
Tenant’s Guide (personalized to your image)* NA
AppartMap TV (1)* 40$ 500$
Promotional items* NA
Quiz and contest with draw* NA
Monthly payment (12 months contract) 99$ 249$ 449$ 1060$
Departure Fee (installation of services – all) 150$ 500$ 750$

IMPORTANT: Excludes printing costs or fees related to the purchase of advertising in external media. Monthly payment with 12 month contract.

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360° Virtual Tour degrees in real photos or in 3D animation
Do easy visits remotely for your apartments / condos for rent

AppartMap realizes for your apartment a virtual visit to allow the tenants to visit remotely. Avoid missed visits and save time and efficiency in your rentals.

Example of a virtual tour in 3D

Allow tenants to see your offer in details. You reduce missed visits or do not lead to a rental because the tenant is aware of your offer. He will not move to find that the apartment does not fit his needs.

Thus, you reduce the number of unnecessary calls and the number of apartment visits that do not lead to a rental. You save time and money on unnecessary calls and visits.

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