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Application measuring your renting efforts

Tool recording the results of advertisement for your apartment for rent

When you buy advertisement, you can save the selected media and the amount for each building. When the agents receive calls, make visits and complete leases, they record information and AppartMap akirs provides a dashboard showing the results.

For instance, the results will show which media generates calls, which ones generate visits and which ones actually convert visitors into tenants.

By analyzing the results, you can maximize your advertising dollars and publish in the most productive media: those that attract customers converting into good tenants.

You also get time of calls and visits, lease signing dates and the origin of the tenants (town and district). This information helps you make the right decisions.

Analyse your return on investment

To invest you money in the right places, get to know which media are effective.

Save your advertising investment in the media to determine their effectiveness.

When buying classified ads in newspapers or when you place ads on the Web, enter the time and the amount of money invested.

It will show the results of you efforts graphically. To help you take the best decisions based on facts and not on a vague impression, you will be able to compare your efforts with the results on a monthly and yearly basis.

  • Average cost per rental: How much should you invest of your time and money on average to rent an apartment?
  • Average cost of rent by media
  • Where are you tenants coming from for each building
  • Origin and date of arrival
  • Calls per media
  • Visits per media
  • Rental per media
  • Gender, age, status, etc.
  • ROI per media

Advertising investment from March 1, 2014 to March 31, 2014