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Tenant profiling and notify your tenants by SMS

Communicate quickly with multiple tenants all at once

How does it work?

The tool allows you to add your tenants in a simple management tool.
You insert name, first name, gender, age group, lifestyle, address, length of stay lease and expiry date of the lease.

Determine who your customers are!

Benefit from the your database
After you’ve profiled all your tenants, you can:

Easily consult tenant statistics in all your buildings

  • By average age
  • By gender
  • By lifestyle: retired, student, family, single person

Send text messages or e-mail to all your tenants or those concerned in just a few seconds:

  • Inform them on snow removal, construction, parking, housing visits, etc.

Follow-up and update your tenant profiles

  • Rent payment
  • Important notes about your tenants (requests, problems, needs)
  • Encourage retention by renting to people who have the same profile as your current tenants

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