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Tenants Satisfaction Survey

Increase your tenants retention rate

Reduce the turnover rate of your apartments / condos

Send an annual or seasonal satisfaction survey to your tenants.
This survey is anonymous and allows your tenants to express themselves freely.
The results allow you to improve your services.

Know how to avoid your tenants from leaving

You will be able to know departures in advance using precise statistics:

  • Who are the tenants who intend to leave and the reasons for their departure.
  • Satisfied tenants and the strengths of your management.

The survey is sent by email and / or SMS. To encourage tenants to respond, AppartMap will conduct a survey among participants and offer them a $ 1,000 travel credit.

Tenants survey packages

Up to 100 survey mailings per year

$ 100 per year

Up to 200 survey mailings per year

$ 175 per year

Up to 400 survey mailings per year

$ 250 per year

Up to 2500 survey mailings per year

$ 1000 per year

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